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Fusion Graphics | Fort Wayne Web Design




  We believe in the web and its important role for every business -- large or small. For businesses, a website can be an essential tool in its growth. We focus our efforts on professional web design while ensuring that website visitors convert into new leads. Whether you are starting out and want to get a new website up and running quickly or you require specialized development to meet your specific needs, Fusion Graphics can handle it all. Our mission is to provide you with a high-quality website that makes a positive impact for your business.




  Through Fusion Graphics we strive to meet or exceed the following goals for every client:
  • Provide fresh, creative web design ideas that will help clients stand out from the crowd.
  • Deliver the widest range of services to meet every need clients have regarding web and marketing.
  • Offer cost effective services which will have a positive return for our clients.
  • Ensure that clients are not just satisfied, but overjoyed at how easy and effective it is to work with us.
  • The ultimate goal is to have a website which not only looks great, but builds business.




  As a result of working on projects through Fusion Graphics and for other companies, we have years of experience  in developing large scale websites down to the smallest one page advertising website. We not only use modern techniques for the web, we have helped shape those techniques in areas of web design and development. You can count on our experience and expertise to know what will and won’t work to ensure that your business will not just have a nice looking website, but have a beneficial website that will help you grow.




  Working with Fusion Graphics means you will get a higher quality website, better and quicker service, and a website that will ultimately benefit you and your business. Being a small web design company allows more flexibility and the ability to accommodate to your specific needs while being able to spend the time to create an effective, easy to navigate website. The people you speak with will be the people working on your project. We are committed to designing websites that give a professional first impression and follow up with an easy-to-use, goal driven interface. We are proud that our efforts have been able to help businesses grow. Our web designs are continually praised by clients as being unbelievable, easy-to-use and helpful beyond words. This results in most of our new clients coming to us as referrals from current clients.




  In order to create an effective, custom solution for you and your business, we need to have a very good understanding of who you are and what you do. We are ready to invest the time and energy needed to provide you with measurable results. As the project progresses, we try to take a very open and honest approach to every step we take along the way. The goal is not to trick or conceal the methods used to create your website, but to show how the experienced steps taken to help your business are going to benefit you. A lot of different factors go into the cost of a website. For a basic idea how to plan your budget, check out our price guide, then, contact us or request a free quote and start working with a company that truly wants to help your business grow.